Dodge/Chrysler Transmissions Rebuilt
  • Model A604 Transmission for Dodge & Chrysler Cars/Vans 3.0L, 3.3L & 3.8L

   • Model A413 Transmission for Dodge & Chrysler Cars/Vans 2.4L

Please see Tables below for the different cars that this special applies to.

Complete Installation of Transmission into you car:
$1,395 + Tranny Fluids
Email or call now for additional estimates or questions.
Phone number:(510) 226-1249
A completely rebuilt A604 (41TE) transmission for various FWD Dodge & Chrysler vehicles including the Chrysler Lebaron, Cirrus, New Yorker, PT Cruiser and Town & Country, and the Dodge Neon, Avenger, Caravan, Grand Caravan, Dynasty, Stratus and Sebring. All units are rebuilt to meet or exceed OEM standards, and come with a newly rebuilt torque converter!

Vehicle Application

This transmission fits the following applications

Dodge Cars & Minivans
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-00 2.4L, 2.0L Dodge NEON
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-00 2.4L, 2.5L Dodge AVENGER
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 89-03 2.4L, 3.0L, 3.3L, 3.8L Dodge CARAVAN
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-03 2.4L Dodge GRAND CARAVAN
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 89-91 3.0L Dodge DYNASTY
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 93-01 2.4L, 2.5L Dodge STRATUS
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-00 2.4L Dodge SEBRING

Chrysler Minivans
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 89-94 3.0L Chrysler LeBARON
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-96 2.4L Chrysler CIRRUS
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 95-00 2.5L Chrysler CIRRUS
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 89-94 3.3L Chrysler NEW YORKER
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 01-03 2.0L Chrysler PT CRUISER
Dodge A604 (41TE) (4spd) for 89-03 3.3L, 3.8L Chrysler TOWN & COUNTRY

Years covered: 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Makes & Models covered: Chrysler LeBARON, Chrysler CIRRUS, Chrysler CIRRUS, Chrysler NEW YORKER, Chrysler PT CRUISER, Chrysler TOWN & COUNTRY, Dodge NEON, Dodge AVENGER, Dodge CARAVAN, Dodge GRAND CARAVAN, Dodge DYNASTY, Dodge STRATUS, Dodge SEBRING